La Tresse

Resident Choreographers 2019 | Emerging Choreographers 2017

After the three dancers’ serendipitous meeting while attending a Gaga Intensive in Tel Aviv, Erin O’Loughlin (Calgary) and Laura Toma (Ottawa, the first certified Gaga teacher in Canada) decided to relocate to Montréal and formed the collective LA TRESSE together with Geneviève Boulet.

Geneviève Boulet/The Magician, Erin O’Loughlin/The Empress, and Laura Toma/The Priestess believe in a collective spirit where all elements of the creative process are a shared endeavour. Driven by their fantasies and inspired by pop culture, they create worlds of contrast where the audience is transported to places both familiar and unknown. They are intuitive, lighthearted, and devoted to the pursuit of pleasure.

photo: Valérie Boulet


Kate Hilliard (Toronto, CA)

Resident Choreographer 2019 | Emerging Choreographer 2007

Kate Hilliard is a Toronto based dance artist with a practice in creation, performance and teaching. She has danced with Ottawa’s Le Groupe Dance Lab and toured extensively with Montreal’s Fortier Danse-Création. In 2006 she moved to Toronto to accept a company position with Toronto's Dancemakers working with Artistic Director Michael Trent and guest artists Ame Henderson and KG Guttman. In 2009 she worked with Berlin’s Tino Sehgal, performing his Kiss at the AGO and MoMA in New York. As an independent artist, Kate has danced for Susie Burpee, Nova Bhattacharya, Marie-Josée Chartier and Margie Gillis.

Hilliard's choreographic works have been presented across Canada and abroad. Her most recent trio with Robert Abubo and Jeremy Mimnagh, La Jeune Femme et La Mort, was produced by the Dance Made In Canada festival in 2015 and will soon be performed again at The Citadel’s Bright Nights festival. Hilliard recently presented work at a TEDx event with collaborator Luke Garwood. While continuing a practice founded in performance and creation, she is currently pursuing a degree in Art History at The University of Toronto. Deeply invested in our cultural history, Kate aspires to perform and curate movement outside of formal theatre spaces, while also aiming to contribute to gallery settings for dance in Canada.

In support of emerging artists from the Toronto community, Kate has been an advisor to Springboard Danse Montréal since 2009.

photo: Jeremy Mimnagh