Springboard’s medical team is composed of two Montréal-based physical therapists who are dedicated to supporting the well-being of participants during the project. The practitioners alternate each morning at EDCM (our home-base at the Wilder building) to facilitate appointments prior to or during morning class. Participants may also make an appointment to see them at their offices in the evening. The team will be present all day at the theater on the day of the final showing.

Springboard subsidizes a portion of the fees for each treatment. The participant will be responsible for the remaining $45 CAD + tax per treatment.

To book an appointment, please use the system below.


Sébastien Forgues, Masso-kinesiotherapist

805 Boulevard Saint-Joseph Est
Montréal, QC H2J 1K5

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(514) 652-3074

Masso-Kinesiotherapy is a manual therapy based on biomechanical knowledge of the body by considering the physical condition in a holistic system. By objectifying the symptoms, establishing the level of urgency, and taking into account your objectives and external elements, masso-kinesitherapy seeks create and liberate movement and will allow you to optimize your body and your overall health. Using massage therapy, fasciatherapy, joint glides and mobilizations, the physiotherapist relaxes, softens and creates space between the tissues, but more particularly, the myofascial tissues.

Sébastien Forgues has always had a passion for the body. From the age of 4 and a half, he began martial arts. At 17, he channeled this passion into the arts: theatre. During his studies for a bachelor's degree in theater with a performance profile at UQAM, he was also an assistant professor for body language courses with Robert Drouin. Wishing to further deepen his knowledge of the body, he continued his studies for a bachelor's degree in dance, interpretation profile, still at UQAM. During his studies, he met Hélène Blackburn and the company Cas Public for whom he worked as a dancer for several years. Amidst the tours, cities and theaters visited, Sébastien Forgues taught preparatory and creative workshops, both nationally and internationally. Unfortunately, an injury put an end to his dancing career.

Following this event, he left the arts to focus mainly on the body. He returned to studies at the Kiné-Concept institute in massage therapy, then in Masso-Kinesiotherapy.

Since graduation, Sébastien Forgues has been working on his own, exclusively in Masso-Kinesiotherapy. He has worked as a therapist with several performing arts companies such as CAS PUBLIC (locally and on tour), the MARIE CHOUINARD dance company, the show "Les Géants" as part of the 375th anniversary celebrations, among others. Since 2016, he has been part of Springboard Danse Montréal as a house therapist, following the dancers throughout their time in Montreal.

Simultaneously, Sébastien Forgues has designed and taught anatomy workshops for pilates teachers, a preparatory anatomy course (40hrs) for the PoleStar Pilates pilates instructor training given by Chantale Perron, and for yoga instructor training at the Kinesphere Center, accredited by Yoga Aliance.

Since 2019, Sébastien Forgues has been working with the Fédération Québécoise des Massothérapeutes as Head of Professional Inspections. He is also one of the trainers at the Institut de Formation en Massothérapie du Québec and coordinates the activities of the Massage Therapy Foundation.

Catalin Padurenu – Osteopath

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Osteopathy emphasizes proper functioning, proper movement of body tissues and the impact of blood circulation and the body's ability to self-regulate. The osteopath uses several manual techniques to restore maximum mobility to bones, muscles, nerves and organs. The approach focuses on visceral and cranial dysfunctions in addition to neuro-musculoskeletal dysfunctions.

Fascinated by the posture which reflects, most of the time, the interaction between the environment and the body's ability to find its way around, I finally began my studies in osteopathy at the CEO of Montreal, after ten years of practice as a physiotherapist. jock.

I want to offer my patients lasting relief from their pain while optimizing their overall health. Understanding the situation of each patient is very important to me in order to be able to target precise, specific and personalized actions in osteopathy.
I continue to improve my knowledge through post-graduate training courses on anatomy, concussions, stress, etc.



Supplemental Relief / Massage

Nancy Forestal works at UQAM, where some rehearsals take place in the evenings. She makes herself available to dancers who are looking for a short massage to relieve muscle tightness before or after rehearsal.