❌ For all the studios, it is strictly forbidden to :

  • Smoke.
  • Eat or consume alcoholic beverages. Only water is allowed.
  • Change or move dance mats.
  • Apply or use any substance that leaves marks (eg. duct tape, make-up, paint, resin).
  • Use pointe shoes.
  • Enter dance studios with any type of shoes.
  • Move pianos.

✅ For all the studios, we are responsible for:

  • Leaving the environment clean.
  • Washing the dishes in all locations where there is a kitchen.
  • Storing the furniture used.
  • Closing doors and lights.
  • Returning ballet barres to the studios where they are assigned when movement of ballet barres is required.
  • Using the locker rooms where possible. 

Thank you for helping Springboard maintain great relationships with our studio partners!